Diane van der Goes
Director of Recruiting and Corporate Relations


Diane van der Goes

Diane van der Goes
Director of Corporate Relations & Recruiting
From the Office of: Corporate Office
Star Real Estate
10540 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, California  92708
Direct: 714-378-3496
Office: 714-378-3496
Mobile: 714-380-0100
Areas Served:   Southern California
Specialties: Internet
Marketing Consultant
Top Negotiating Skills
Languages: English

The daughter of a successful Realtor and corporate real estate trainer from New Jersey, Diane van der Goes has been around the real estate business all her life.

"I farmed and dropped my Mom's flyers for my allowance!” says Diane, who also has other family members around the country that are in real estate.  "I was born to be in this business!"

Diane brings her high energy and positive attitude to the multitude of activities she heads up at Star Real Estate. "I love hats - so I wear a lot of them!” is her enthusiastic response.  

Diane works with Star's graphic designers and copywriters to establish, promote and maintain Star Real Estate's brand awareness.  Diane also helps Agents build their own brand recognition, and develops strategies and tactics to best highlight and communicate Star Real Estate clients' homes. 

Another area Diane oversees is Star Real Estate's social media and online marketing and advertising technology.  Her passion for new technology and harnessing the power of the internet keeps Star, and our Agents, at the forefront of technology.  Most importantly, exposing our clients' homes to the largest pool of qualified ready-to-buy buyers.

Diane frequently holds training engagements for Agents on social media systems like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and trains Agents on how to create their own YouTube channel, how to successfully blog and utilize QR codes.  She also teaches Star Agents how to best showcase their clients home using sites like Realtor.com and Trulia - the list is endless!

Her favorite hat is Recruiting.  As Director of Recruiting, Diane's greatest joy is bringing the right Agents aboard Star Real Estate.  "You hear the cliché 'we are like a family' all the time in business, but at Star, it's the real deal.  I invite you to call any of our Realtors and ask them for yourself!  Once I meet with Agents and they see ALL Star has to offer, for very little financial investment on their part and our 100% commission plan, they can't believe it!  I hear all the time "I wish I met with you sooner!", says Diane.

Diane's favorite recruit is her now husband, Robert van der Goes.  They share their love with their wonderful son, Erik.  While not at the office (or online) you can find Diane with her family; watching their son play football, maybe scuba diving, traveling, hiking, on an "extreme" daredevil adventure, or otherwise simply enjoying life and the blessings they share.

If you'd like to learn more about a career with Star Real Estate, you can email, text, Tweet, Facebook, Check In, comment on her Blog, or simply call Diane anytime!  She'd love to meet with you, confidentially, of course! 

(714) 380-0100 call/text